I'm Raina Rose. I'm a songwriter, mama, and dreamer. I was born in LA in the early 80's and my family moved to Portland, OR in 1988. I lived at my summer camp on the Oregon coast after high school, teaching environmental science and playing songs for kids. I moved into a minivan and hit the road in 2005 when I was 23. I eventually moved to Austin, Texas where I married a bass player with whom I am raising two boys. I write songs, I love to cook, I was in a movie called FOLK, and I really like you a lot. I'm currently writing a memoir about a decade of traveling the interconnecting roadway of gigs and songs.

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Hey there friends! 
I am surprised that having two kids, a dog, a husband, a music career, and anything else is hard to keep up with. If you'd like to get involved with what I do, whether it is support my music or just listen here are a few ways to do it: 

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Previous events


The Parlour Show ~ Raina Rose with Emily Farr

Soma Vida, Austin, TX

This multi-media show is by invitation only, if you'd like an invite, just email me at raina@rainarose.com

Culinary Delights by Amanda Zozaski, owner of One Sweet Bite. Paintings by Kristen Graham. Music by Emily Farr and myself. Soma Vida is a beautiful space on East Cesar Chavez. By day it is a co-working space for yogis and therapists, by night it is a BYOB pop up concert space.


Nick Offerman & Friends

Largo at the Coronet , 366 N La Cienega Blvd , Los Angeles, CA



Raina Rose

Guero's Tacos, 1412 S Congress Ave,, Austin, TX

South By Soup Fest! http://comboplatebooking.com/sxsf/sxsf-gueros/

March 14, Wednesday, 2:00pm-9:00pm 200-215 The Better Halves 220-250 Curtis McMurtry 300-315 Anna Larson 325-355 James Stevens 405-435 Raina Rose 500-530 Frank Turner 540-610 Beaver Nelson 620-635 Stephen Clair 645-700 Casey Neill 710-740 BettySoo 750-820 Nathan Hamilton 830-900 Matt The Electrician